Final Fantasy II & III (February Update)

posted on 28 Feb 2020

To say I’ve had my fair share of issues in this endeavor would be putting it lightly. I’ve fallen behind on posting reviews but as far as the game timeline we are officially ahead of schedule and are moving on to Final Fantasy IV in March! The reason for that is quite complicated, and I will get into that during the reviews.

Final Fantasy III (Before)

posted on 19 Feb 2020

It was another 2 years after Final Fantasy II, Japan got an exclusive close to their first trilogy of games: Final Fantasy III. Released on the Famicom, the rest of the world would never see the original release of this game outside of fan translation projects. It wouldn’t be until 2006 that anyone outside Japan would be able to enjoy an official version of the game: the remade DS version. While I had played translations of the original version, I didn’t truly sit down with the game until the DS version. I got only so far before the forced social networking kept me from unlocking things and I get extremely annoyed with it. Now we will be enjoying the PC port of that edition on Steam, which replaced the social media with monster hunting!

The Woes of Final Fantasy II

posted on 9 Feb 2020

To describe my attempts to play Final Fantasy 2 as anything less than frustrating would be a disservice to all the nonsense I’ve had to put up with. I almost just didn’t play this game, but luckily I persevered and am now two chapters into the plot and am enjoying the game more than I expected so far. So when I originally compiled my list of versions I was planning on playing, I chose the PSP’s 20th Anniversary Edition release for Final Fantasy 2. That was my first mistake I think, and it all just rolled downhill from there.

Final Fantasy II, Before

posted on 4 Feb 2020

In 1988, one year after the success of Final Fantasy, (then) Squaresoft gave us another game, a sequel to their blank-slate style D&D game: Final Fantasy II. This is one of the 2 Final Fantasy games I had completed, on the original NES no less (the other being Final Fantasy V). I played it on an emulator in my teens, using a patched version of the ROM. However, the first official version wouldn’t be released to the world until 2002, when Final Fantasy Origins was released. Origins was the edition used for Final Fantasy I, however, for Final Fantasy II, we will be using the 20th Anniversary Edition on the PSP, released in 2007.

Final Fantasy I, After

posted on 2 Feb 2020

And so we did it, Final Fantasy 1 was (in)completed on January 30th, 2020. I did not encounter WarMech, the fabled rare and almighty optional enemy that can ruin a run right before Tiamat. I am currently accepting donations to have me grind for the encounter and see how it fares. That aside, there was no stone left unturned.

Final Fantasy I, Before

posted on 6 Jan 2020

So, before we dive in, I want to preface this with something. For each game I play, I will be putting up two posts in particular: one before and one after (not to say I won’t be posting in between if something comes up). The post before will focus on goals, expectations and past experiences with the game. The post after will have a review, maybe some highlights as well as links to the archived VODs over on my YouTube channel. So with that said, let’s begin…

Final Fantasy Complete

posted on 28 Dec 2019

Not even including direct sequels and spin-offs, Final Fantasy has a long legacy. I’ve recently discovered a fondness for RPGs I had forgotten, and my Twitch channel has been moving into that direction with longer-form games taking precedent. For this reason, and to have a clear goal for the next year, I have decided to play the first 10 of the mainline games throughout 2020. I’ve figured that this will mean I have approximately a month to beat each game. Some of the later ones might need longer, so I have 2 extra months to spend on that. First thing first, I need to figure out which version of each I am going to be playing, and also all the work that is going to entail for streaming it!

Resolutions and Goals for 2020

posted on 26 Dec 2019

Welcome to the first official post here. What better way than to wrap-up 2019 and introduce this new blog than with a State of the Union kind of thing? This was a busy year in both a positive and negative way and I think, more for my sake, getting my head on straight before the new decade will be very helpful. This is why I created Minimalism, the nth iteration of my blog. You can read about this version in more detail on the colophon.