Resolutions and Goals for 2020

posted on 26 Dec 2019

Welcome to the first official post here. What better way than to wrap-up 2019 and introduce this new blog than with a State of the Union kind of thing? This was a busy year in both a positive and negative way and I think, more for my sake, getting my head on straight before the new decade will be very helpful. This is why I created Minimalism, the nth iteration of my blog. You can read about this version in more detail on the colophon.

Twitch Streaming

I am a Twitch streamer, I’ve only been doing it for about 8 months, and I am currently celebrating my 6th month of being an affiliate streamer! So far I am up to 72 followers and a handful of subscribers. I love my audience, it is a genuinely friendly group of viewers. I would love to grow that audience and potentially make streaming a bigger priority in my life as I do.

Also, thanks to a very recent run of technical difficulties, this is going to be getting more looking at than I originally planned. I am going to be revising my standards and methods for presenting my stream layouts and I am hoping to incorporate more animated transitions. This is something I hope to offer to others as well through my design service over at be|muse.

In addition to smaller games on the side I plan on playing the first 10 of the mainline Final Fantasy Games in 2020! This gives me about a month of streams to complete each game. The goal will be to simply beat the game as opposed to trying to 100% clear everything. I might if people seem interested in seeing me do the extra bosses and such.

Dead Moon Live

Dead Moon Live has been an ongoing desire for me for quite some time. Telling stories has always been a passion of mine but the traditional methods usually limit how I can tell my stories. So now I am going to record those stories and share them with the world. Several shows are currently in line to be put into production and the hope is to have a full first season or at least the start of a season before the end of the year. Two of these shows in particular that will be pushed to the top of the queue are both indie games that are Powered by the Apocalypse that I am hoping I can introduce friends to and push to get exposure for their awesomeness: Thirsty Sword Lesbians and Casket Land.

Thirsty Sword Lesbians is a very queer game about crossing swords, crossing wits and falling in love! Channeling some major Revolutionary Girl Utena vibes, our story promises to poke fun at overly serious politics in a romanticized fantasy setting.

Casket Land is a weird western set in a bleak wasteland where water is more precious than gold, and the monsters get more restless every day. We’ll be taking some added inspiration from the Wild ARMs video game series to put a unique spin on things.

Broken Muse

Lastly is Broken Muse, which used to be the home of this sort of thing, but it is now the imprint for my RPG designs. The biggest of which remains to be, and will probably always be: Final Battle. But a goal for me this year will be to step away from trying to design and develop multiple new systems and instead push my ideas for existing systems forward. So here is what is on the books for Broken Muse.

Final Battle has been an ongoing project of mine for far too long now. It is not a universal system per se, but rather a system where anything can be imported in, and that is the point, so allow you to mash-up your favorite things from your favorite fandoms in crazy, or serious plots!

The first major project I am going to attempt is to compile all the notes I have on an old game setting called Aldebaran. The world has been flooded by dark beings who overthrew the gods’ dominion over life. Now the choice is to work for the unified church of the new world or to raise the black flag and become a pirate. Originally played in Pathfinder, I plan on rewriting my setting notes for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, which will feature new sub-classes, expanded rules for black powder weapons and sea vessels ready to fight the horrors under the waves and a pretty rich world to tell stories in.

So there you go. My goals for 2020 in a nutshell. I can’t say how the new year will turn out, but I can say I am optimistic, and I feel like having a clear goal to start with is probably better than I have ever done in the past.