Final Fantasy I, After

posted on 2 Feb 2020

And so we did it, Final Fantasy 1 was (in)completed on January 30th, 2020. I did not encounter WarMech, the fabled rare and almighty optional enemy that can ruin a run right before Tiamat. I am currently accepting donations to have me grind for the encounter and see how it fares. That aside, there was no stone left unturned.

Plot-wise, Final Fantasy lacks. Even the main plot of Garland and the time loop was so convoluted, the game ends with (as my viewers pointed out) a Dungeon Master’s monologue, detailing and explaining everything so that the players, who might not have been paying enough attention to the minutiae, didn’t miss the grand tale being told. But the truth is, the finale is out of left-field, the writing falls flat and it shows the state of JRPGs at this time. A lot was left in the minds of the players.

Plot aside, the gameplay was quite fun! The classes aren’t as varied as I remembered them being, with a lot of the differences boiling down to who can use magic (and who can eventually) and what they can equip. The non-spellcasting classes of Fighter, Thief, and Monk don’t have much to them aside from who wears what. This isn’t aided by the fact that the strongest weapon in the game can be used by anyone. I allow for a forgiving view of this since this game borrows heavily on Dungeons & Dragons and to be honest, early D&D did similar things: you cast magic or you don’t. Everyone who doesn’t sort of gets muddled together. Final Fantasy wasn’t reinventing the wheel but merely adapting it (molded by it, born in it, Bane joke, Bane joke, Bane joke).

Based on my original thoughts going in I am admitting that I was delightedly surprised at how much I liked this one. I would play it again. I can see why it has been adapted into a randomizer so well, and honestly, I think I can see myself playing the randomizer for this in the future, especially with the game fresh in my memory. So one down, nine to go, we’ll see if this positive trend continues in Final Fantasy 2.

If you are curious, you can find the archived VODs here on my YouTube channel. (Link coming soon.)


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