Final Fantasy II & III (February Update)

posted on 28 Feb 2020

To say I’ve had my fair share of issues in this endeavor would be putting it lightly. I’ve fallen behind on posting reviews but as far as the game timeline we are officially ahead of schedule and are moving on to Final Fantasy IV in March! The reason for that is quite complicated, and I will get into that during the reviews.

Final Fantasy II (After)

Final Fantasy II has a pretty grand plot compared to its predecessor. Where Final Fantasy had a tale of four destined heroes, in the second chapter of the franchise we have four orphans, one lost at the get go, and the other three struggling to reclaim their home from an oppressive regime, not divinely chosen by the universe, but merely in the path of heroics as they put together their broken lives—or so I observed from our adventure since I only made it to the beginning of the third (of thirteen) chapters.

Unfortunately, thanks to hardware issues, we were forced to cut the playthrough short. Every time we attempted to make our way forward, the game would freeze and crash, and would sometimes even revert the battery save to an earlier version that had already been saved over? it was a bizarre circumstance to be sure of.

As far as the skill system present in the game, it wasn’t as annoying as expected. Honestly the variability in my party was welcome, and truth be told I found the addition of the fourth party member ended up being a crutch as well as a nuisance. Minwu’s healing was welcome but knowing his presence wasn’t permanent immediately caused me to not care about his development. I think a permanent party of four would have been nicer. Also while leveling up weapons and spells is intuitive, stats were a bit trickier. Afterall, Barraging myself with low-level spells isn’t exactly an intended strategy I’m sure.

Final Fantasy III (After)

You have been chosen by destiny, as an orphan in a small town, obviously it is your destiny to save the world. And with your three orphan pals no less! Okay, I should cut Final Fantasy III some slack. Picking up the reins from Final Fantasy, it brings back the four elemental crystals as a plot device. This time, they have been turned toward darkness, and the universe seeks to make this right by appointing four children as the warrior of the light, made to reset the cosmic balance. And so our heroes start fixing everyone’s problems and restoring balance to the world. Unlike Final Fantasy II, we got quite far into this one, having just started the ninth chapter, which is about halfway through the game.

This time the issue was a software one. In order to ease the eyes of the audience, I made use of a visual mod that cleaned up the menus to appear more like a traditional final Fantasy UI (as opposed to one designed for a touch screen). I also opted for a balancing patch to make life easier and to avoid the excessive grinding Final Fantasy III is known for. On February 27th, 2020, Square decided to release a patch (and patch is a strong word for it) to attempt to do the same things mine did. Only it does not work, it is horribly broken, and apparently crashes the game whenever I open the Job menu. Thanks for that Square.

So when it comes to mechanics, I will be honest, Final Fantasy 3 fell a little flat. Jobs have little impact on characters besides stat growth as they level up


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