The Woes of Final Fantasy II

posted on 9 Feb 2020

To describe my attempts to play Final Fantasy 2 as anything less than frustrating would be a disservice to all the nonsense I’ve had to put up with. I almost just didn’t play this game, but luckily I persevered and am now two chapters into the plot and am enjoying the game more than I expected so far. So when I originally compiled my list of versions I was planning on playing, I chose the PSP’s 20th Anniversary Edition release for Final Fantasy 2. That was my first mistake I think, and it all just rolled downhill from there.

Anniversary Edition

I was going to originally play this edition on my PlayStation Classic, which was recently discovered to be able to run PSP games. Well, almost run. Some higher-end titles wouldn’t be an option according to the documentation for the emulator. It booted up just fine, and the intro video played and the game was great! I played through, met the resistance, but then I got outside and the game began to chug. The music got awful and if one of the overhead clouds passed over the party, it just got even worse. So that wasn’t going to work. It was grating on the ears. Since we were still on the PlayStation Classic, why not boot up Final Fantasy Origins and just continue then and there?

Origins Edition

The opening played, the sprites were perfect and adorable and we were on our way! But the translation was, iffy at best. And apparently, this was the last release to require us to equip items like potions and equipment before entering a fight. Limited to two slots this was looking like a nightmare situation. I watched the intro a second time and even made it out of the first town, officially starting the adventure. And then I took (looking at a detailed map, I can confirm this) three steps too far into the wilderness and was slaughtered by an encounter I could neither defeat nor flee from. This led to a party wipe, and me not knowing that Final Fantasy 2 introduces saving anywhere, I was set to start over again. And so I opted to move onto the Dawn of Souls release on GBA to make things easier on myself.

Dawn of Souls Edition

So I had this on my SNES Classic already and could confirm it worked, so transitioning to this version wasn’t as much an ordeal as thought. So I started it up, got through the introduction (for a 3rd time) and sure enough, as soon as I leave the first house, the game crashes and freezes for entirely unknown reasons. Not to be deterred I decided I would hit reset, give it one more shot, and if not I would have to simply come back to FF2 later. Luckily it didn’t crash the second time I left the resistance base.

As of now, I have watched the intro to FF2 four times now, and while I am pretty well into the adventure and hope I won’t have any issues, this game review may be slightly tinged by this frustration. Just a forewarning.


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