Minimalism is the personal blog of Sabrael Carroll. It is a collection of thoughts, ideas and notes related to various projects. It is hosted on GitHub and was written entirely in Visual Studio Code. This current version runs on Jekyll and uses the Minimalist theme. All content of Minimalist is © 2019-2020 Sabrael Carroll, all rights reserved.


Jekyll is a easy to use, ruby-based, static site generator. You give it text written in your favorite markup language and it uses layouts to generate beautiful websites. You can tweak how you want the site URLs to look, what data gets displayed on the site, and more. Read the Jekyll documentation for more information about what it can do. Jekyll is released for use under the MIT License.


Minimalist is a simple and light weighted Jekyll theme. It focuses on a minimalistic design but still providing all functionality for a personal blog. Minimalist is released for use under the MIT License.