Final Fantasy (in)Complete

Final Fantasy inComplete

Final Fantasy (in)Complete is my 2020 stream challenge. The goal is to complete the first 10 mainline Final Fantasy games in what has been deemed as their “perfected” versions. You can see my explanations as to those versions here in my first post. All other posts I have made related to this project can be found here.

I am also offering my viewers a chance to name a character in upcoming games, there is a master list here. Also, some games have either Bit or Donation incentives I will follow through on if they are met. Donations can be made here or you could even bribe me with cups of coffee.

The current bit wars are for Final Fantasy IV1 and Final Fantasy V2. In addition there is currently a donation incentive to have me track down and defeat Warmech in Final Fantasy 1.

  1. Playing the 2D version (on GBA) or the 3D version (on Steam). 

  2. Playing Classic Vanilla or Four Job Fiesta.